Music City Liberty Fest

Music City Liberty Fest

Come out to the Marathon Music Works in Nashville on Saturday, Nov. 3rd for this epic event!

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By Murray N. Rothbard

[The Standard, April 1963, pp. 2-5; 15-16, and Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against
Nature and Other Essays, R.A. Child, Jr., Ed., Washington: Libertarian Review
Press, 1974; 2nd edition, Auburn, Alabama: Mises Institute, 2000, pp. 115-132.]

The libertarian movement has been chided by William F. Buckley, Jr., for failing to use
its “strategic intelligence” in facing the major problems of our time. We have, indeed,
been too often prone to “pursue our busy little seminars on whether or not to
demunicipalize the garbage collectors” (as Buckley has contemptuously written), while
ignoring and failing to apply libertarian theory to the most vital problem of our time: war
and peace. There is a sense in which libertarians have been utopian rather than strategic
in their thinking, with a tendency to divorce the ideal system which we envisage from the
realities of the world in which we live. In short, too many of us have divorced theory
from practice, and have then been content to hold the pure libertarian society as an
abstract ideal for some remotely future time, while in the concrete world of today we
follow unthinkingly the orthodox “conservative” line. To live liberty, to begin the hard
but essential strategic struggle of changing the unsatisfactory world of today in the
direction of our ideals, we must realize and demonstrate to the world that libertarian
theory can be brought sharply to bear upon all of the world’s crucial problems. By
coming to grips with these problems, we can demonstrate that libertarianism is not just a
beautiful ideal somewhere on Cloud Nine, but a tough-minded body of truths that enables
us to take our stand and to cope with the whole host of issues of our day.
Let us then, by all means, use our strategic intelligence. Although, when he sees the
result, Mr. Buckley might well wish that we had stayed in the realm of garbage
collection. Let us construct a libertarian theory of war and peace.
The fundamental axiom of libertarian theory is that no one may threaten or commit
violence (“aggress”) against another man’s person or property. Violence may be
employed only against the man who commits such violence; that is, only defensively
against the aggressive violence of another.

In short, no violence may be employed against a non-aggressor. Here is the fundamental
rule from which can be deduced the entire corpus of libertarian theory.

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Messengers For Liberty

Happy Constitution Day!

Enjoy this documentary in which Combat Veterans for Ron Paul was included…

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Veterans for Ron Paul Tampa Events August 27th

Monday August 27th 9 AM at the  Florida State Fairgrounds

The lead off event will be a Veterans for Ron Paul peace rally followed by an outreach  effort to support local homeless veterans by providing food, cloths and other essentials.

Participates are encouraged to bring supplies if able (bullhorns, roadguard vests, spare food, water) but most valuable of all will be bodies on the ground, so come out and join us in support of Ron Paul, Liberty, and the veterans of Tampa.
This event is open to everyone who would like to attend and participate but we would like to extend a special invitation to our fellow oath-takers such as off duty peace officers to join us.

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Voters are becoming more independent of conventional partisan politics, and young voters in particular are getting harder to squeeze into a red or blue box.

While many voters may feel they have to choose whether they are socially and economically “liberal” or socially and economically “conservative,” more and more young voters are deciding that they can pick and choose their values and how government should work irrespective of party platforms. As an indicator of this trend it look like young voters are abandoning Obama and Romney both:
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Republican National Convention, PaulFest, & The Liberty Tour to Tampa

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Liberty Tour to Tampa – FSU, Tallahassee – Aug. 16

Liberty Tour to Tampa - FSU, Tallahassee - Aug. 16

Today, I passed Florida State University in Tallahassee on the Liberty Tour to Tampa and couldn’t resist the temptation to hoist the Combat/Disabled Veterans for Ron Paul flag high…

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Messengers for Liberty

James Denham’s highly anticipated & hard-hitting new documentary series about the Liberty Movement

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Liberty Tour to Tampa – END THE FED

Adam House updates from the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta, GA on the Liberty Tour to Tampa

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