Get Glenn Mobile!

***Please help us help a dear friend and a loyal ally in the fight to elect Ron Paul and restore Liberty to America.***

Sometimes life takes a turn for the worse and we have absolutely no control over it. The true test of a man is how he handles and conducts himself after that turn.

Glenn Horowitz is an excellent writer- check out his column at the American Daily Herald– and was one of the few journalists to cover the Veterans for Ron Paul March on the Whitehouse in February. Unfortunately, he had to cover it from a thousand miles away.

Our friend Glenn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006. The disease has progressed rapidly, robbing him of his ability to walk and for the last three years of his life, this former pilot has been confined to a wheelchair, a prisoner in his own home. He can’t even get out to do the mundane errands that you and I take for granted on a daily basis. Even the quarterly trips he is forced to make to refill his prescriptions are, quite literally a life-threating adventure.

But Glenn is a fighter. Even though this disease has robbed him of his freedom, he isn’t wallowing in a sea of self-pity, he isn’t quitting and he isn’t begging the government for welfare and assistance.

We can get Glenn moving again- but we need your help. Glenn believes in private charity and in the goodwill of people within the Liberty Movement. And so do we.

The Mission: To raise $26,000 in private donations in the next two months to convert Glenn’s car into a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

If we can accomplish this task, Glenn will be returned some of the freedom that was taken from him. And he will be able to make it down to Tampa in August to cover the Ron Paul Rally and Veterans March on the RNC for the Herald.

What can you do?

First: Please consider making a donation to the cause, even if it’s just a few dollars, every little bit helps us get closer to our goal of getting Glenn mobile.

Second: Spread the word! Please post this page, as well as Glenn’s own blog, all over Facebook and other social media outlets. Tell your friends, tell your family… hell, tell a stranger… just get the word out.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. Below, we have posted several video endorsements for Take a few more minutes to listen to these brief statements and check back often as more videos from others within the Liberty community will follow.

Get ready. Get set. Get Glenn Mobile!


3 Responses to Get Glenn Mobile!

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  2. Thanks for helping out! I’m glad you made sure to mention that if we can get this done in time I’ll be getting to Tampa come hell or high water.

    Not only do I really want to hang out with my CVRP friends, as you’ve noted I mean to cover this for the Herald…we all know the presstitutes in the lamestream media are gonna ignore this historic event, and that’s unacceptable. I’m no HL Mencken, but I’ll do my best to raise awareness of this for the public. Maybe we can even shame them into some publicity for you.

    They’re always yapping about ‘supporting the troops,’ how about supporting the PEOPLE involved for a change rather than cheerleading for GE, Raytheon, General Dynamics and Halliburton?

    • CVRP2012 says:

      Well said Glenn. I have a good feeling that we’ll be seeing you in Tampa. The good people in the Ron Paul rEVOLution will step up. Let’s get this done!

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