We Are The Grassroots and This is Our Revolution

by Justin Nafziger

All across the nation, individuals are working hard week in week out for the return of liberty.

It starts with a spark, helping someone get registered or distributing fliers, and builds into a flame burning brightly as countless hours are invested making calls, gathering signatures, and learning Robert’s Rules of Order. This hunger for liberty in our time fuels individuals in the unseen battles that are being won, the battles corporate media won’ttell you anything about.

New York

The grassroots are fighting a lonely, but organized battle throughout the state. Lacking the funds and party favors of Romney supporters, the liberty minded folks of New York press, on countering money and insider status with tenacity and organization. One of the patriots on the ground there tells us more:

We’ve split the state into 3 regions and are doing various projects in all regions such as mailers, phone-banks, precinct walks, and rallies. I’m in NYC and we are currently collecting signatures hoping to get Ron Paul to plan stops in NY before primary day. Most of the work is being done via social networking. For the capital region you can talk to Steve. For the Lakes region, Jim. In NYC there is phone-bank space that has churned out massive amounts of calls since Iowa, and also has done a fair share of volunteer training/management for the PfH system. As far as GOTV we are organizing under neighborhoods and boroughs. GOP turnout is ridiculously low and people are seeing they can win their precincts with just a few votes. People are inspired and working hard. We have people translating fliers into Russian and Hebrew, others are busting ass on the GOP stronghold of Staten Island.”

He went on to ask that anyone who wishes to help from outside the state please focus your efforts to phone from home.

There are two major events coming up soon in NY and I encourage anyone within driving distance to participate.

Sunday, April 15– Tax Day TEA Party rally in Watkins Glen, NY featuring nationally syndicated radio host and Ron Paul supporter Josh Tolley, speaking to a crowd of over 1,000 registered GOP voters! Speakers include former NY gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, Congressman Tom Reed, and many others in addition to Mr. Tolley! There will also be a New York State TEA Party Straw Poll, this poll will have the results announced on several NY local cable news affiliates, and it is IMPERATIVE that we win it! If for no other reason, come to vote in the straw poll for congressman Ron Paul to show what the NY grassroots is all about!

Thursday, April 19– Ron Paul is speaking at Lynah Rink on the campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY at 7:00 PM on Thursday, April 19th. Lynah rink has 4,300 seats, it is IMPERATIVE that we have a sell out to show Ron Paul that he has support here in upstate New York!

Here is the link for a FREE TICKET to this event which will allow you to get in at 6:00 PM, 30 minutes before gates open for the general public. This guarantees your seat at Lynah should the event overflow. It is my hope that you all print out tickets and we have 2,000+ in there BEFORE 6:30!


The Liberty For All super PAC in Texas is running hard providing a call center, delegate training sessions, voter registration drives, and outreach in the lead-up to election day. With 155 national delegates at stake, and their efforts to support Liberty Candidates statewide, the efforts of Liberty For All cannot be understated, but they are not alone.

Texas Youth for Ron Paul has organized a Rally and Music Festival in Austin Saturday May 19

(event details: here & here )

General Info

Date: Saturday May 19th

Time: 3pm – Midnight

Age: All Ages


Travis County Expo Center

7311 Decker Lane

Austin, TX 78724

Speeches by:

Ron Paul (request has been submitted by UTYFRP)

Congressional Endorsements

Celebrity Guests

Industry Endorsements

Youth for Ron Paul Chapter Leaders

Performances By:

Jimmie Vaughan

Jordan Page

Tatiana Moroz

and more tba..

The Veterans March for Liberty also takes place on May 19 in Austin. You can get details here or by e-mailing CVRP directly (nick.cvrp@gmail.com or adamhouse.cvrp@gmail.com )


The individuals in California are some of the hardest working liberty advocates I know. From spending ten plus hour blocks on the phones, working to get out the vote, to signing up thousands of new supporters on the path to election day the folks at L.A. Liberty HQ are using all means to establish President Paul, as well as liberty in local government. L.A. county alone is worth 54 national delegates, that’smore than the entire state of Florida, and the grassroots presence there is targeting each congressional district systematically to maximize their effect. California is the largest delegate pool in the nation, and despite voting near the end of the race, our friends there have been active since this race began. They’ve dedicated and working hard, but could always use more hands. If you’ve in the area stop by their call center or help with other activities. If you’re too far away, stop by their website and make a donation to help extend their reach and secure Ron Paul the many delegates from California.


Here are some of the best ways to get linked up locally.





There are also events happening all over, far too many to list, but here are some other examples.

The New England Liberty Love Fest

What: The New England Liberty Love Fest in MA is part Ron Paul celebration because it happens after the great Ron Paul showings in NH, VT and ME, just after the MA caucuses and a few days after the CT and RI primaries. It is also part liberty party, concert and speaker event.

When: Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 2:00PM until 2:00AM

Where: 8th Floor of the Osgood Bradley Building at 18 Grafton Street, Worcester, Massachusetts

There is a suggested donation of $25

Some of the speakers and bands are:

Musical performances by: Jordan Page, Rebel Inc. Tatiana Moroz, The Federal Crime, Leaders Led, Justin Roy, Smiley Chris & Andrea Pisani

Speakers include: Adam Kokesh of Adam Vs. the Man, Gary Franchi of Infowar Social Networking Coalition, Carla Gericke of Free State Project, Danny Panzella, Dave Kopacz, Daniel Gordan, Anthony Antonello & Gigi Bowman

Philly Phreedom Sunday April 22


Dr. Ron Paul

Michael Scheuer

James Padilioni, Jr


Jordan Page

Tatiana Moroz

more information

What Everyone Can Do

The propaganda from the talking heads says that this race is over. Nothing new there, they’ve been saying that since before it began. The truth is that with Santorum out of the race and the three largest states; NY, TX, CA, yet to cast their ballots this race wide open. But there is a catch.

The blackout has kicked it up a notch and if this campaign is to survive we need to push back and counter it.

On April 15th we have the chance to counter the media black out, while simultaneously giving Ron Paul to means to compete fiercely for southern and large delegate states like California and Texas.

The media propaganda machine can sometimes seem like an unassailable monolith, but consider this:

Just $5 per person with 20% of the people who have voted for Ron or 20% of his FB “likes” and we have a $1 Million.

Or this from a liberty lover on facebook

“Shaved my grocery list by $40.00, turned up my thermostat to 80 instead of 78 and shaved my electric bill by $40.00, washed the Hank dog myself for a savings of $40.00, stayed home the last 2 weekends for a savings of $60.00, gave up my daily vending machine run for an additional savings of $20.00.

Come 4-15-2012 I am donating $200.00 to the Money Bomb …this is how you support Dr. Paul on a budget….xoxo I-)

Tax Day Money Bomb – April 15!

Pledge to Donate: www.intowin2012.com

Facebook Event: www.intowin2012.com/facebook

We can also turn some parts of the media to our favor.

We have a legitimate chance to secure the nomination and win this election, but we must fund the campaign and defeat this blackout to do it. We have the numbers, we have the grassroots organization. If everyone who loves liberty contributes at least $5-10 on April 15th, we will surpass our goals and surge forward smashing the attempts of the corporate media to paint us as beaten and compliant.

I look forward to standing among you as we prove to them how wrong they are.

CVRP is In It to Win It. Pledge to stand with us.

Click this link to Listen to Justin’s interview on the “Language of Liberty” radio show.

Justin Nafziger has resided in many states on both sides of the Rockies. His travels have taken him from coast to coast of the United States as well as overseas. He has been a follower of politics since the age of 4 being involved in a wide range of activism from then till his present association with CVRP and the Ron Paul grassroots. He currently resides in Utah where he balances his time between family, furthering his education, and reminding people that support for the troops goes beyond the yellow ribbon.


About CVRP2012

We are an organization of combat veterans who support Ron Paul for President. We do not claim to speak for all Veterans or for any branch of the U.S. Military. But we do speak for ourselves. This website is maintained by independent grassroots supporters. It is not paid for, approved or endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul. Liberty, Peace, Prosperity. Copyright ©2012 cvrp2012.com.
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2 Responses to We Are The Grassroots and This is Our Revolution

  1. freedom2fascism says:

    Meetup has been an excellent way to get involved. If you don’t see much where you are, take the plunge and start your OWN meetup, it’s easy and you may be surprised to see how much support comes out of the woodwork. Another benefit – there are no better folks and work with than RP supporters, they’re awesome. We all have to hang together to avoid hanging separately..

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