Support your Troops: “Give Me Liberty” Money Bomb

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death! -Patrick Henry

Fellow patriots, the Ron Paul Campaign is currently fighting for every single delegate to the Republican National Convention… and in order for this fight to be successful, we must continue to fund the campaign with our donations. Dr. Paul doesn’t have the luxury of relying on corporate interests and the corrupt banking industry for his campaign funds. As we all know, the donations to Paul’s campaign come from small, individual donors.

So, today, and throughout this weekend, let’s all dig down as deep as we can and support Ron Paul’s “Give Me Liberty Money Bomb.”

Dr. Paul is the only Veteran running in the presidential race, and the troops have let America know, loud and clear, that we overwhelmingly support Ron Paul: he has received more campaign contributions from members of the Military than all of the other candidates COMBINED.

Support your troops by supporting Ron Paul. We will gladly go to war to defend the lives, liberty and property of every man, woman and child in this nation, but we ask only that there be a clear threat, that Congress follow the Constitution and make an official Declaration of War, and that we are allowed to fight without being impeded by bureaucratic red-tape tying our hands; that we are given a clear mission, allowed to win a decisive victory, and that we return home when the job is complete. The mission of our Military is to defend America- not to play nation-builder and policeman of the world.

The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people. -Ron Paul

We urge each and every one of you to support your troops and your veterans, not by slapping a yellow magnet on your car, but by supporting the only candidate in this race with a record of standing up for the military and strictly adhering to the Constitution that we swore an oath to protect and defend.

Again, today is the day to show that support. Please donate as generously as possible to the campaign of the only veteran in this race.

Ron Paul supports your troops. We support Ron Paul.

Join us!


“Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.” – Ronald Reagan


As an Air Force veteran, Ron Paul believes national defense is the single most important responsibility the Constitution entrusts to the federal government.

In Congress, Ron Paul voted to authorize military force to hunt down Osama bin Laden and authored legislation to specifically target terrorist leaders and bring them to justice.

Today, however, hundreds of thousands of our fighting men and women have been stretched thin all across the globe in over 135 countries – often without a clear mission, any sense of what defines victory, or the knowledge of when they’ll be permanently reunited with their families.

Acting as the world’s policeman and nation-building weakens our country, puts our troops in harm’s way, and sends precious resources to other nations in the midst of an historic economic crisis.

Taxpayers are forced to spend billions of dollars each year to protect the borders of other countries, while Washington refuses to deal with our own border security needs.

Congress has been rendered virtually irrelevant in foreign policy decisions and regularly cedes authority to an executive branch that refuses to be held accountable for its actions.

Far from defeating the enemy, our current policies provide incentive for more to take up arms against us.

That’s why, as Commander-in-Chief, Dr. Paul will lead the fight to:

* Make securing our borders the top national security priority.

* Avoid long and expensive land wars that bankrupt our country by using constitutional means to capture or kill terrorist leaders who helped attack the U.S. and continue to plot further attacks.

* Guarantee our intelligence community’s efforts are directed toward legitimate threats and not spying on innocent Americans through unconstitutional power grabs like the Patriot Act.

* End the nation-building that is draining troop morale, increasing our debt, and sacrificing lives with no end in sight.

* Follow the Constitution by asking Congress to declare war before one is waged.

* Only send our military into conflict with a clear mission and all the tools they need to complete the job – and then bring them home.

* Ensure our veterans receive the care, benefits, and honors they have earned when they return.

* Revitalize the military for the 21st century by eliminating waste in a trillion-dollar military budget.

* Prevent the TSA from forcing Americans to either be groped or ogled just to travel on an airplane and ultimately abolish the unconstitutional agency.

* Stop taking money from the middle class and the poor to give to rich dictators through foreign aid.

As President, Ron Paul’s national defense policy will ensure that the greatest nation in human history is strong, secure, and respected.



About CVRP2012

We are an organization of combat veterans who support Ron Paul for President. We do not claim to speak for all Veterans or for any branch of the U.S. Military. But we do speak for ourselves. This website is maintained by independent grassroots supporters. It is not paid for, approved or endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul. Liberty, Peace, Prosperity. Copyright ©2012
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2 Responses to Support your Troops: “Give Me Liberty” Money Bomb

  1. Nick says:

    Thanks Tatiana. The MB is almost up to $800,000 for the weekend. But I sure would like to break 1 Mil by tonight!

  2. Nice article! Hope people dig deep and support Dr. Paul this weekend!

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