Never Surrender: Sniper, Paratrooper, Disabled Veteran Endorses Ron Paul

by Rhys L. Williams

The day after 9/11, my best friend and I were at the nearest federal building, waiting for US Army Recruiters to arrive at their office because we had business to discuss. Subsequently, I served three tours of duty as an Airborne qualified Infantry Squad Leader in Operations Enduring Freedom IV, and Iraqi Freedom V and VII. During that time, I met true heroes and patriots, an extended family of which I had been unaware.

Recently, I met another group of patriots in Washington DC at the Veterans for Ron Paul March on the White House. Five hundred veterans and active duty troops, and over 2000 supporters were in attendance from across the country. This was only the beginning. We will march again for Ron Paul on the Republican National Convention in Tampa to ensure the GOP knows who is the choice of our fighting men and women. Our mission as soldiers may be complete, but our mission as veterans is well under way. This is why we fight.

Force should only be used in self-defense. A few of the wise men who have said something along those lines are Gandhi, Ron Paul, and Yoda. Since most of you have never been alive when a war has been declared, the idea might seem novel. I ask you, shouldn’t complete transparency of the government be required when we are asking our troops to write a check for the amount of “up to and including my life?” The one and only time I will beg for anything is when I ask that you not let our future generations be cannon fodder for failed political policies. We give one nation three billion dollars in aid and defense, while giving her enemies fifteen billion? The humanitarian costs of war on local populaces are drastically underreported, and the troops who return are, more often than not, dealing with social and emotional reintegration issues that can persist for a lifetime. I ask your support for a Commander-in-Chief who not only understands those risks, but has taken them himself. That man is Fmr. Air Force Flight Surgeon, Dr. Ron Paul.

The Rule of Law is an ideal that is upheld across civilizations. As Americans, we have a clearly defined precedent as to how that ideal is applied to the government in order to protect the people. The Constitution is not a guideline, it is doctrine. We, the People, can no longer allow the government to view our freedoms and privacy as disposable in the name of security and financial interest. Liberty is granted to us from our Creator. Only man wishes to deprive another man of his freedom. The times when the fruits of our labor have been stolen and our right to privacy ignored have come to an end. Once again, the Tree of Liberty is being refreshed, but in the form of a Peaceful Revolution, which the Founders gave us the tools to accomplish.

Being from Alabama, and having stood in Selma in remembrance of one of my personal heroes, I say we take the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King, Jr. Peaceful social dissidence, yelling the truth in protest, getting carpel tunnel from writing blog posts, rising above the political fray and personal gain for the cause of Liberty—today we call this the Ron Paul Revolution.

Millions of Americans have given their lives in defense of Liberty, and it all officially started with an oath to defend the Constitution. They believed your freedom was worth dying for. The idea is, you measure a man not by the oath he takes, but how he adheres to that oath. We shall not, and dare not, allow their sacrifices—and those of their families—to be in vain. The consistency Ron Paul has maintained under that oath throughout his personal and political life guarantees my faith in him as our next Commander-in-Chief. Veteran to veteran, citizen to the next President of the United States of America: Dr. Paul you have my vote. And, in true American fashion, my fellow veterans and I will never surrender in the fight for Freedom.

SSG. Rhys Williams, an Alabama native, enlisted in the army the day after 9/11. He served as a Squad Leader with the 10th Mountain Light Infantry Division and did three combat tours -OEF IV, OIF IV and OIFVII before being injured and medevac’d and retired out to pasture. Rhys is Airborne and Sniper qualified. He retired to Central Michigan where he spends his days taking care of his little farm and fighting for the message of Liberty For All.

About CVRP2012

We are an organization of combat veterans who support Ron Paul for President. We do not claim to speak for all Veterans or for any branch of the U.S. Military. But we do speak for ourselves. This website is maintained by independent grassroots supporters. It is not paid for, approved or endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul. Liberty, Peace, Prosperity. Copyright ©2012
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6 Responses to Never Surrender: Sniper, Paratrooper, Disabled Veteran Endorses Ron Paul

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Our troops picking their Commander in Chief. That’s what I call, REAL PATRIOTS!!!

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  4. Well done, articulate presentation from your undeniably unique perspective. Outstanding job, thank you!

  5. Kris Jackson says:

    Rhys, you rock!! Thank you for a well spoken video and an excellent interpretation of what this administration is doing to OUR COUNTRY! I would also like to thank you and all military personnel for what you have given to protect us and keep us safe. Kris

  6. Kathy Richute says:

    Thank You!

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