Best Resources for Veterans to Get Jobs or Start Small Businesses

by Seth Mausz

It is quite difficult to find a good paying and stable job these days. Since the start of this most recent economic crisis, more businesses have closed up or cut back on staffing. But it’s not all doom and gloom as there are some great resources dedicated to helping veterans find jobs.  If you’re more entrepreneurial, and starting your own business is something you’re interested in, there are also some quality resources to help veterans get their own business up and running. Below are some of the best resources for veterans to find and get jobs or begin their small business venture.

Top Sites To Find a Job

  1. – The website’s career section provides a generous selection of possible jobs and has the largest veteran job board in the planet. Visitors can search for work, create and post their resumes, establish connection with other veterans and locate nearby and upcoming job fairs. also houses a diversity of military friendly employers, such as Allstate, Walmart and Enterprise Rent-a-Car. There is also a section in which provides a dedicated collection of transition resources comprising of data regarding education gains and relocation. Moreover, the section offers real stories from military veterans who have already completed the transition from active service. 
  2. – Established in 1999, Vet Jobs is considered one of the industry leaders in terms of job boards for veterans, having reached over 10 million people worldwide. The website is even funded and supported exclusively by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. Enlisting on the site is totally free and people can post resumes and browse job openings in the area. Vet Jobs incorporates a list of incoming military-related job fairs as well as a spouse portal. The website also produces three newsletters per month which is given for those who have subscribed to their site – one is given to veterans, another is for employers and the third is given for recruitment ad agencies. 
  3. – This site focuses on providing veterans with government jobs.  There are specific sections of this site for veterans, transitioning service members, and family members.  This is a great resource for those that are looking to work within the federal government.   
  4. -This website belongs to the Department of Veteran Affairs and is a great resource for finding jobs.  If you’re looking to find a job in rural areas this site may help you more than the others as it has a specific section dedicated to jobs in rural areas.

Top Small Business Sites for Veterans

  1. – The primary resource you should you should utilize is the Small Business Administration (SBA). The organization is known worldwide and is one of the most well established and highly reputable organizations and best resources for small business owners. They also offer assistance specifically for veterans here: 
  2. Department of Veterans Affairs: Veteran Entrepreneurs – The US Department of Veteran’s Affairs may be able to offer you with some useful and invaluable information corresponding to business opportunities and grants. In fact, they even offer additional support and assistance that enables veterans to achieve the tools they require, including loans and funding. Overall, though the Veteran’s Affairs doesn’t provide you with the funding you need, it can certainly point you in the right direction in obtaining one. 
  3. – This is a portal for veteran owned businesses and is a great resource for companies that are looking to procure government contracts. This site will walk you through everything you need to know in order to become a VA contractor.

By utilizing all the resources above you should be well on your way to either finding a job or beginning the process of starting your own small business. The sites mentioned above also provide some great editorial content which can help you along the way. Good luck!

About the Author: During the day Seth Mausz is a contributing writer a site that helps you find the best VA home loan, as well as other information for veterans.  When not working and helping veterans, Seth can be found in the southwest soaking up rays and hiking as often as he can. 


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2 Responses to Best Resources for Veterans to Get Jobs or Start Small Businesses

  1. Seth says:

    Good additions Dan. Thanks!

  2. Dan Fazio says:

    Hi Seth – I believe you missed a couple of other great resources, namely G.I. Jobs magazine and website (, which is home to the Top 100 Military Friendly Employers list – published for the past 10 years. The top couple resources you list are job boards, which statistics show are largely ineffective for military job seekers. Regarding small business ownership, the National Veteran-Owned Business Association is a great resource for veterans interested in starting their own business ( and

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