Army Combat Medic endorses Ron Paul, bashes Obama

2 FEB 2012

In most elections we are faced with the choice of voting for the lesser of two evils; both candidates will trample the United States Constitution, invade our personal liberties and spend our money on unnecessary Government programs and fancy vacations. The only difference is to what degree they will do so.

In 2012 we have another choice. Ron Paul actually understands and supports our Constitution. If you want to consider how he would approach a specific scenario all you have to do is imagine how the founding fathers would deal with it!

My name is Chase Phelps. I was a Combat Medic/Health Care Specialist (originally 91w, later became 68w) in the United States Army. I attained the rank of Specialist/E-4 and was asked to pursue Sgt/E-5 but declined due to my intentions to get out when my commitment was up.

While serving in the 101st Airborne Division, I was one of the first soldiers to be part of a newly created Regimental Combat Team when they first started doing them. I was in the parade formation when my brigade, the 4th BCT (Brigade Combat Team) was adorned with the name of the 506th RCT (Regimental Combat Team). In November of 2005, my unit deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We spent a year stationed in southeastern Baghdad at Camp Rustimaya.

I support Ron Paul because he supports the constitution. In 2000 and 2004 I was old enough to vote, but didn’t. Why? I felt that I had no real choice and that my vote would be completely irrelevant. The United States is run by a two-party system: Republicans and Democrats. I hadn’t yet heard of Ron Paul in 2008 and didn’t even know until later that he had run in that election.

Ron Paul can stop our country from getting further into the gutter and bring us back to what we are supposed to be! In my opinion, he is the only candidate in 2012 who hasn’t lied to us or flip-flopped on opinions and political stances.

Ron Paul is consistent in his support of the constitution.

President Obama lied to the American people when he claimed he was going to end the foreign wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when he took office. Instead he has us involved in even more unconstitutional wars. He claimed he was going to close Guantanamo bay, yet people are still being held there without reasonable cause- some without ever being charged with a crime. And under current ‘law’ they could be held/detained indefinitely!

The United States has become imperialistic and is moving towards many ideals of a dictatorship at worse, a very strong-handed government-controlled state at best. We have an opportunity this year to alter that path.

Ron Paul is a true Republican. The United States is supposed to be a Republic. As it stands today, we are anything but… but it’s not too late. Join me and my fellow veterans in supporting Ron Paul for President in 2012.



SPC Chase Phelps,
Combat Medic
506th BCT, 101st ABN DIV
United States Army




About CVRP2012

We are an organization of combat veterans who support Ron Paul for President. We do not claim to speak for all Veterans or for any branch of the U.S. Military. But we do speak for ourselves. This website is maintained by independent grassroots supporters. It is not paid for, approved or endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul. Liberty, Peace, Prosperity. Copyright ©2012
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One Response to Army Combat Medic endorses Ron Paul, bashes Obama

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s okay to endorse candidates, but you aren’t allowed to include your unit – it makes it sound like you might be representing them. I recommend removing that portion of your endorsement.

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