28 JAN 2012

by Adam G. House

On the 28th of January, at the Hotel Preston in Nashville, the Tennessee Republican Assembly conducted their straw poll for the Republican Presidential candidates in a measure of temperature for the Tennessee voters.  The results were as follows:


                                                                                       Ron Paul                                          200   or   63.3%

Rick Santorum                              62   or   19.6%

Newt Gingrich                               38   or    12%

Mitt Romney                                  15   or      4%

John Huntsman                            1   or      0%

The poll was initially set up to run from 10am to 2pm, but was changed to only last until noon just a few days before the poll.  Many Ron Paul supporters still got up early and travelled from all over Tennessee to take part in the straw vote.  Voting tickets were just over $6 per, and Ron Paul supporters obviously made a lot of money for the TRA as evidenced by Ron Paul’s landslide win.  After the poll, event officials announced that they knew Ron Paul won but dismissed everyone who didn’t buy tickets for the banquet afterwards.  We were told that the official results would be released in the evening.  All the hard-working grassroots supporters and voters who attended in support of Ron Paul were excited about our victory, and began spreading the word.  To our dismay, as we watched the local evening news out of Nashville, all that was reported was that TRA had conducted the Tennessee Republican straw poll and were endorsing Rick Santorum for President.  Obviously, the grassroots Ron Paul supporters in Tennessee are livid.  The TRA took our money and not only ignored our votes, but added insult to injury by actually endorsing Rick Santorum (a candidate most Paul supporters can’t stomach) for President of the United States.  The kicker is that the media didn’t announce any numbers or the truth about what actually happened.  The Republican Party establishment is forcefully resisting all efforts by the grassroots groundswell of the Ron Paul movement.  When I was walking around at the polls, there was one of the banquet attendees who came out and looked at the huge Ron Paul crowd and said, “I hope this is not a sign of things to come.”  I held my tongue then, but now I’m anxious to respond to that by saying that the Republican Party better embrace what is coming if they don’t want to lose elections.  The enthusiasm of the Ron Paul crowd at the straw poll was palpable, as it always is when we get together.  People are actually excited about getting back to Constitutional government, and the Republican Party has decided to ignore that… and probably to their own political peril.  In my email to the TRA, I asked how they expect to win elections if they push us out of the Republican tent.

The truth is, Ron Paul has kept winning a long and notable string of Republican straw polls all across the country.  Here are a few examples:

Sept. 2011, Ron Paul wins the California straw poll with 45% of the total vote.

8 Oct. 2011, Ron Paul wins the Texas straw poll with 732 votes out of 1983 cast, or 37% of the total.  He also won the Saddle-Up Texas straw poll with 54% of the 3000 votes cast.

Ron Paul also won the National Federation of Republican Assemblies straw poll in Iowa by a margin of 82%.

22 Oct. 2011, Ron Paul wins the Ohio GOP poll with 53% of total votes cast.

Nov. 2011, Ron Paul wins the Illinois straw poll with 52% of all votes.

28 Jan. 2012, Ron Paul wins the Arizona Republican Party straw poll with another whopping 85%.

More research on Ron Paul’s impressive string of Straw Poll triumphs: http://www.dailypaul.com/185881/ron-paul-with-12-straw-poll-wins-romney-wins-4-perry-0

If the r3VOLution movement is producing such huge victories at the straw polls, then why don’t these wins translate to the actual primaries?  Therein lies the ominous questions of speculation, but maybe the Tennessee Republican Assembly gives us a clue; the Republican Party is clearly split between the pompous, presumptuous, and pretentious status quo complacent establishment – and the enthusiastic issues-driven concerned citizen movement we call the r3VOLution.  The government bureaucracy, military-industrial complex, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and the 2-party establishment don’t want to have rocking in the boat.  It does not serve their immediate interests to have a real change that restores Constitutionally limited government and responsible economic policies.  It should probably be expected that those with a life’s worth of politicking wouldn’t want to shake things up in this country as much as they need to be, as they know they have much to lose.  If only they could understand that they’ve already lost what they think they have, it just hasn’t manifest itself via hyperinflation or some other government-caused catastrophe other than the few market bubble bursts of warning we’ve had thus far.  Maybe it’s time we burst a few Republican establishment bubbles and start this boat to really rocking.  The r3VOLution cannot take this kind of marginalizing by the Republican Party and be expected to be Republican voters other than to support our candidate, Ron Paul.

All over this country, grassroots Ron Paul supporters are speaking out, doing massive sign waves, phone-banking intensely, putting feet to pavement to knock on doors and finding potential voters everywhere.  The media is largely ignoring the Ron Paul r3VOLution demonstrations happening all over America.  You won’t hear about it on your highly centralized corporate mainstream media outlets.  The establishment is scared of a liberty-minded movement of Constitutional restoration, and that applies to most mainstream media outlets as well.  Here’s what your government doesn’t want you to know your fellow Americans are doing:


Don’t forget; “The r3VOLution will not be televised.”  But, it still might be broadcast on the internet; unless something like SOPA/PIPA come back anyway. r3VOLutionaries, what are you going to do in the face of the establishment telling you that you need to sit down and shut up?  Considering we’re being blacked out and ostracized, maybe we need to take a cue from the above video…

Adam G. House served with the famed 2/503rd Infantry Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade, including a deployment to the infamous Konar Province of Afghanistan.


About CVRP2012

We are an organization of combat veterans who support Ron Paul for President. We do not claim to speak for all Veterans or for any branch of the U.S. Military. But we do speak for ourselves. This website is maintained by independent grassroots supporters. It is not paid for, approved or endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul. Liberty, Peace, Prosperity. Copyright ©2012 cvrp2012.com.
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4 Responses to r3VOLution BLACKOUT

  1. Anonymous says:

    If this is true, the local Ron Paul meetup group and all that voted and were not counted need to take legal action against the TRA(Tennessee Republican Assembly). It is breech of contract! 200 Ron Paul voters at $6 a piece = $1200. Take them to small claims court and charge for all your time and mental anguish or, at least, your gas for your car and any and all expenses incurred in the delivery of each and everyone’s vote. Sure for the maximum allow in the state. I assume it is at least $5000.00. Watch them squirm and let the old media know. We are the future, we are not going to take it anymore!!!

  2. You people who attended that straw poll need to flood the news station with calls and emails telling them the results of the straw poll were Ron Paul not Santorum and you Ron Paul people feel like the GOP has robbed you and you want your money back! Call them up! Don’t let them get away with it! Fraud in the GOP!

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