16 JAN 2012

by Adam G. House

Over the years I’ve worked at many jobs. Some have been blue collar, some white, and even Army green. Some things about getting a job accomplished don’t change in any business. One of the universal truths is that one must be working on the correct problem. If your battery is dead, it doesn’t make your truck run just by adding more fuel in the tank. If your boss wants paperwork with signatures by lunch, you don’t spend your morning reading safe job procedures. If an enemy combatant is shooting at you, it’s not time to be cleaning your weapon. In any situation, working on the correct problem at the time is important. I’m even reminded of a sort of parable about killing the spider as opposed to knocking down the webs over and over again.

The United States of America has its’ fair share of problems, but some are more pressing than others and require our immediate attention. I don’t want to slight anyone about which issues are important to them, but it seems to me that there are pretty clear signs about at least a few of the most pressing problems we face as a nation in this moment. Some issues I care deeply about may become more important to me and/or to our Country in the future, but there’s a short list of issues I think should be at the forefront of our national political debate.

A return to Constitutionally limited government is essential to the checks & balances on federal power and ultimately protecting our freedom. The Bill of Rights is being sold by our representatives in Washington D.C. Economic and Civil Liberties shrink as the legislators, judges, and bureaucrats keep marching us down the road to serfdom. Any central government with the power and largely unchecked authority of our current federal government is a danger to its’ people and their Rights. Trust big government in any form at your own peril. The rhetoric of fear that is used to convince people to give more power to the government has historically been a self-fulfilling prophecy in many well-intended nations which gave in to those fears just to have the government they asked to protect them ultimately turn on them. Tyranny is one of those historical phenomenon which mankind has been doomed to repeat. We may not like it, but it is up to us to guard our freedoms from our own government; that is the responsibility of every generation of Americans. Government needs to be small, efficient, and transparent in order to keep the public trust in the rule of law and peaceful solutions. When it comes to government, Americans want to be able to trust but also able to verify. Our current federal government has over-reached its’ Constitutional authority thereby infringing on the Unalienable Rights of individual Americans, and needs to be reeled back in. This is a guiding principle I carry to the voting booth.

Bad economic policy is bankrupting America. We are now in the $15 Trillion range in national debt, and having no real national debate about what austerity we must embrace to get our deficit spending back to a balanced budget. Just printing more cash at the Federal Reserve is not going to get the American economy back on track either. We can no longer afford to ignore the obvious; everything else falls apart if we don’t get our financial house in order. It is high time the government get out of the way and unleash free market enterprise for Americans at all income levels. Americans don’t need Big Brother, we need the government to leave people alone to dream and work and build our own future each one according to his/her own choices. From the wealthiest to the poorest, government is not the appropriate tool to redistribute wealth via bailouts or massive entitlements. Adults make decisions and live with the consequences, and the attempt to achieve ‘social justice’ with government power has only ever been a recipe for economic ruin. Sound monetary and fiscal policy matter at the polls.

Federal prohibition in the form of America’s “War On Drugs” is crippling a whole generation of young workers with non-violent criminal records. The poor and minorities in America suffer in embarrassingly disproportionate numbers in a criminal justice system gummed up with petty non-violent drug offenses, leaving justice on the sideline regarding many other truly violent criminal acts. A good case can be made that the “War On Drugs” actually drives more violent crime and problems with security at America’s borders. Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol, and it’s not working for the millions of Americans who have found medicinal marijuana to be the best medicine for an array of ailments. Coupled with the Patriot Act, which has even recently resulted in the denial of Due Process to American citizens, has almost completely eroded any Right we may have had left to property and/or privacy. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is getting more involved in local law enforcement (check out Tennessee’s VIPR (Visible Intermodal Prevention & Response) program), and the police state continues to grow. The passage of the recent changes in the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) to allow the indefinite detention of American citizens without Due Process is just the latest in a long list of power-grabs by a corrupt and out-of-control system. The ongoing drumbeat for perpetual warfare and overseas occupations drowns out many of the courageous voices trying to speak out to warn us of the Liberty we are losing in trade for perceived security. The moral hazard of the insolvent entitlement state is having its’ effect from Wall St. to Main St. to Broke Alley. These issues and many more resonate with a growing number of Americans who simply don’t recognize our Country anymore. We may have been born free, but it constantly feels less that way as we watch our government try to micro-manage every part of our lives. Americans of all political persuasions can relate to wanting the government to leave us alone in some parts of our lives. It is the coalition of Liberty. It is the Ron Paul r3VOLution.

As all of the other candidates for President of the United States have parroted the worn out political platitudes of the past, Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate who even seems to me to be discussing the correct problems. Well-rehearsed, focus-grouped, and polled political rhetoric is no substitute for substance of message when considering for whom to vote to be the most powerful political leader of American government. Ron Paul impresses me with the fact that he not only answers the questions he’s asked, but he can also tell you the who, what, when, where, why, and how of what he believes. He has a record of consistency in those beliefs over the course of many years which speaks for itself. But, it’s not only that Ron Paul is actually on the right topics, it’s also that he understands the problems and the solutions in much the same way as I do and he is able to articulate that in such a way that it registers with those of us listening for substance. The Ron Paul r3VOLution is not a cult of personality; would anyone really choose an old doctor in his 70’s to try to fire up the largest and most fervent base of young grassroots supporters in America? Ha, ha! I think not. It’s not the messenger, but the message which animates Ron Paul’s supporters. Even when Paul and many other Patriots & Statesmen are gone, the message of freedom will live on. It could be that the huge and surprising support for Ron Paul among young people is explained by the fact that these young people (especially the college kids) are smart enough to do basic math, and American enough to want to preserve their Rights. Why would anyone in their 20’s who can Google the national debt want to continue paying into an economically insolvent system which only promises more debt and war? These are the leaders of the future coming up today. The Republican Party is committing political suicide if the establishment rejects the newfound libertarian spirit of the Ron Paul r3VOLution.

Marginalizing the candidate and his supporters who have the most momentum in the Republican Party is political folly for the Republican establishment, and would surely result in the undesirable re-election of Barack Obama. I implore my fellow voters to stand your ground for America, vote for Ron Paul, and continue the grassroots effort to elect Ron Paul for President.

Restore the Constitution. Preserve the sovereign Republic. Balance the Budgets. End the Fed. End the Wars. Secure the Blessing of Liberty. VOTE RON PAUL!

Adam G. House served with the famed 2/503rd Infantry Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade, including a deployment to the infamous Konar Province of Afghanistan.





About CVRP2012

We are an organization of combat veterans who support Ron Paul for President. We do not claim to speak for all Veterans or for any branch of the U.S. Military. But we do speak for ourselves. This website is maintained by independent grassroots supporters. It is not paid for, approved or endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul. Liberty, Peace, Prosperity. Copyright ©2012 cvrp2012.com.
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  1. I am a UK citizen veteran and I wish to take this opportunity to praise the immensely important work that this web site, its contributors and friends are doing on behalf of the Ron Paul campaign for US President. Your articles and comments are very heartrendering and spoken with such distinct honesty that is rare to see in the world today. I assure you all that the UK government is and has for far too long been riddled with very much the same almost criminal dictatorial policies towards governance of the people behest it be on the basis of a democracy underwritten by the right to vote. Unfortunately it is all too familiar in most of the western countries that the people have become very complacent and ‘silent’ thereby further empowering the governance to reign even more extreme control and in the main without any question or disaproval.
    The reason that I so avidly support and hope that Ron Paul is nominated and elected for US President is because his policies, integrity and honesty is a true reflection of your constitution and Republic foundation and that he is the only man amongst Republicans or Democrats that truly wants to represent the ‘PEOPLE’ instead of many status quo politicians at all levels who put the special interests of the financial and industrial corporations [Establishment] before the interests of the electorate – this is a sufference that all western democracies have been subjected to for far too long. The power that the US exerts both financially and militarily impactson all people across the world. Unfortunately the US foreign policy has devastated people’s once belief that the US stood for freedom and liberty for all people of all nations. The US is seen by many across the world as an aggressive imperial power determined to exert its dominance through use of military force to either install ‘puppet regimes’ or ‘initiate regime change’ – to ensure regional US dominance – generally over the natural resources that particular countries have and are of special interest to the US Establishment. I try to remain optimist that the US electorate will wake up from their complacent ‘sleep’ in time to elect Ron Paul but the Establishment will try to use every means to uphold the status quo against the Ron Paul revolution and redemption of political power to the people. Best wishes to you all in your endeavours from a citizen of the world.

  2. DoubleD says:

    What is happening here is corporate america has spent millions to endorse just another manchurian candidate in Romney. The people want and need the NDAA and trillion dollar president out, they are being led by the media and don’t even have a clue as to how it is happening. my opinion is mine and even if Ron Paul is not on the republican ticket I will write him as MY choice because I feel this is the time and to compromise is to continue failure.

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