The Ron Paul Effect

5 January 2012
by Jeremy Brooks

Despite the statistical tie between Romney’s 25% impassable polling ceiling, and Santorum’s surprising surge in Iowa Tuesday night, Ron Paul has proven to be the candidate who is here to stay, as he took third place with 21% of the vote.  The Texas Congressman has held his own in the face of opposition by the mainstream media, the sheeple and even his fellow GOPers.

​If you are asking yourself “why,” the answer is simple.  Dr. Paul’s message of personal liberty and restoring the Constitution has drawn the most enthusiastic (and loyal) supporters from all walks of life, along with his unshakable consistency regarding the Constitution.  Veterans, active duty military, people with various religious practices and sexual orientations are among the diversity of liberty loving people who support Ron Paul.

While his relentless support is evident by the loud applause during Presidential debates and speeches, don’t take my word for it.  Do what the founders intended and ask “the people” who they want; the best way to find that out is to tap into social media. Paul is currently the most popular candidate on Twitter, and there are over 500 Facebook pages in support of the 12 term Texas Congressmen.  Visit any “Ron Paul” Facebook page and ask the question, “Why do you support Ron Paul?”  Chances are, you will get the same answers from the fans of each page; however, let’s narrow this down to just a few.
​If you ask the fans of Veterans for Ron Paul 2012, Combat Veterans for Ron Paul, Veterans for Ron Paul, US Marines for Ron Paul, and Military Families for Ron Paul why they support this ideologically consistent politician, you’ll find out that Paul’s stance on foreign policy and bringing the troops home simply makes sense to the men and women who just want to come home from endless wars that have no clear objective.  If that’s not convincing, just follow the money.  Dr. Paul receives more money from active duty military than all of the other Republican candidates combined – and more than Barack Obama.

​What about rumors that Ron Paul is a racist, due to those repeatedly disavowed newsletters?  Conducting a search on Facebook for Ron Paul pages will also yield results such as African Americans for Ron Paul, Blacks for Ron Paul, Latinos for Ron Paul and Hispanos for Ron Paul.  What will the fans of these pages say?  In contrast to the accusation of racism, the champion of liberty crosses racial barriers as he wants to end the war on drugs and acknowledges the unfair treatment of minorities in the court system.
​The message of liberty has attracted people from various religious (and non-religious) backgrounds.  Facebook pages such as Christians for Ron Paul 2012, Muslims for Ron Paul 2012, Jews for Ron Paul 2012, Catholics for Ron Paul, Atheists/Agnostics for Ron Paul, Mormons for Ron Paul 2012 and Buddhists for Ron Paul have popped up in support for the only GOP candidate who believes that people are individuals – not their religious beliefs.

It’s no secret that the crusader for freedom transcends partisan politics.  The proof is in the ‘pages,’ as the fans of Democrats for Ron Paul, Democrats for Ron Paul in GOP Primary, Registering Republican Just to Vote for Ron Paul and Blue Republican have recognized that establishment politics is tantamount to insanity, and that Dr. Paul is the cure.  More Independent voters support this GOP hopeful over all other candidates, and that’s what is needed to win an election.  Again, don’t trust me – ask the fans of the pages.  Ask Democratic voters why they are willing to switch parties in order to vote for Paul in the state caucuses/primaries.

US citizens recognize the urgency for a statesman like Ron Paul to win the election of 2012, but we are not the only ones.  Australians for Ron Paul, Canada for Ron Paul, Italy for Ron Paul 2012, Ron Paul European Supporters, France for Ron Paul 2012 and Overseas Supporters of Ron Paul send a message that the rest of the world wants the US to stop policing the world and take a serious look at how our foreign policy effects everyone else.  “We should just mind our own business,” said Ron Paul in a recent debate and that statement resonates with the rest of the world – and not just in the Middle East.

Why do pages like LGBT for Ron Paul and Gays and Lesbians for Ron Paul exist in the Facebook universe if the Congressman is anti-gay rights?  One reason is that he opposes a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage between one man and one woman, unlike fellow candidate Rick Santorum and former candidate, Michele Bachmann.  The fans of these pages will tell you that Paul’s emphasis on personal freedom actually protects LGBT persons, while neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are willing to take that step toward individual liberty.

​In the face of opposition on multiple fronts, Ron Paul is the only candidate who has successfully transcended the barriers of diversity, and the evidence of that support can easily be found in the search bar of Facebook and Twitter.  So, the next time you hear that Ron Paul is a racist or a homophobe, ask this question.  “Why is there such a diversity of Facebook pages in support of Dr. Ron Paul if the bigoted accusations are true?”  The answer is that the accusations are untrue, and that the main stream media needs to find something better to do than engage in a witch hunt for the man who can beat Barack Obama and restore our nation.

Jeremy Stefan Brooks, SrA, USAF Veteran
Administrator; Awareness for Ron Paul


About CVRP2012

We are an organization of combat veterans who support Ron Paul for President. We do not claim to speak for all Veterans or for any branch of the U.S. Military. But we do speak for ourselves. This website is maintained by independent grassroots supporters. It is not paid for, approved or endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul. Liberty, Peace, Prosperity. Copyright ©2012
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6 Responses to The Ron Paul Effect

  1. Joe says:

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  2. Ron Paul is pretty fly for an old guy, everything he says, I’ve liked. sense first time in 2008..And any man or women, who stands for Ron Paul, regardless of what the 1% says has my love..I have made nothing but images, for Ron Paul, I couldn’t send him any money, and he would have to come to my door to get my vote, not that I mean thats how I’ll vote, It’s long story, but I been doing these images, and have 80 plus so far, please come have a look..some are even, for you all.. .Best regards Dwayne

  3. Dustin says:

    Here is one more (I bet there are many). the movement of pro-peace democrats, independents and libertarians who will become a republican for a day to vote for Ron Paul.!/pages/Republican-For-A-Day/159385707444512

  4. SamFox says:

    WOW! Thanks for all the heavy lifting every one!! You put up a lot of links that will save me tons of time. OK, hours. 🙂

    This is another link I am going to share, soon as I am done here. gain, thank you!!


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