Merry Christmas

To all of our fellow Combat Veterans and Ron Paul Revolutionaries out there, we would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas. Thank you to everyone who has read and shared our stories over the last few months. The Iowa caucus is nine days away and the campaign is looking strong.

We are calling a one day cease-fire to enjoy the holiday with our families. The campaign will resume on December 26th. Stand by for a new article at that time as we continue to take the fight to the enemy.

Liberty, Peace, Prosperity.


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Also, we are always looking for new authors to share their stories and help to promote Ron Paul. Send yours to As combat veterans we have an unique opportunity to make our voices heard. And perhaps even an obligation to do so. We will edit for spelling and grammar but will never alter your message. Join the CVRP writing team and help Ron Paul win Iowa, the nomination and ultimately the Presidency.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Liber, Utrinque Paratus.

About CVRP2012

We are an organization of combat veterans who support Ron Paul for President. We do not claim to speak for all Veterans or for any branch of the U.S. Military. But we do speak for ourselves. This website is maintained by independent grassroots supporters. It is not paid for, approved or endorsed by Congressman Ron Paul. Liberty, Peace, Prosperity. Copyright ©2012
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