Gigi Bowman: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Clean Food

Liberty Inspiration Award of 2012

For the third anniversary of Liberty we have decided to honor all
of those who have inspired the liberty movement through the voices of the many.
This organization has always been about inspiration for motivation –we hand the
torch over to those who were inspired by Ron Paul to spread his message in the
political arena– and today we have given the torch to our brothers and sisters in
liberty so that they may shine the light on those who have been there to motivate

It’s called “giving back”

It’s been a very humbling experience to receive these letters and to read each one.
There are so many people out there who have been a part of this growing
movement and we may not have known all these names before but we will always
remember them now as the list grows day by…

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Final Remarks Of A True Statesman

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Obama Administrations lies & something stinks…

The German Nazi Party & the Russian reds did very similar things as their oppressive and dictatorial empires gained power and trampled the lives and liberties of their peoples as well…

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Free & Equal 2012 Presidential Debate

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Liberty’s Guiltless Treason

Liberty’s Guiltless Treason

Episode 20 of Combat Veterans for Ron Paul’s podcast, Language of Liberty, features:  Josh Tolley, John Cieser, Wray Harris, Terry McClain, & Keith McQuarrie

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Published by kenlorifilms on YouTube on 13 Oct., 2012, (screen credits Counter-Narrative Productions), this is a side of the war as spoken by Iraq war veteran Wray Harris some may not wish you to see…..

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AFGHANISTAN: Life & Limb For A Slow Motion Retreat

Politicians, generals sacrifice lives of soldiers and Afghans to save face

OCTOBER 5, 2012
Military families, joined by March Forward! members, watch President Obama’s Dec. 2009 speech about the “end” of the Afghanistan war, learning of many more deployments to come.
U.S. troops lose limbs every single day in Afghanistan, on patrols that serve no strategic purpose.
The Afghan people, who had no role in the 9/11 attacks, overwhelmingly reject the U.S./NATO occupation of their land.

Michael Prysner is an Iraq war veteran and co-founder of March Forward!. He is one of several veterans with the Our Lives Our Rights campaign deploying to Fort Lewisto organize soldiers against their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.

“We will train the Afghan forces. And then, our troops will come home.”

This was the fundamental assertion of President Obama’s major Afghanistan speech in December 2009 at West Point. I remember watching the address with Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, and with military family members who had sons and daughters overseas facing deployment or battling the effects of war.

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A Christian perspective on foreign policy

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Military Absentee Ballot Requests Down (in exponentially decreasing record number)

During one of the most hotly contested elections in recent U.S. history, the number of military absentee ballot requests is strangely down by staggering numbers compared to the 2008 election.

The information comes as WND confirmed today that SCYTL, an international firm headquartered in Spain, has been contracted by seven states to provide secure online ballot delivery for overseas military and civilian voters for the upcoming presidential election.

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Messengers for Liberty – episode 4 – Foreign Policy

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